SOMETIMES, until it's at your front door, you don't think about it enough: Channel 5 News anti-suicide campaign

Every 15 Minutes, someone dies by suicide in the United States - every 52 minutes in Germany, every 40 seconds worldwide, with suicide attempts being even more frequent - and every 16 minutes someone is left behind, asking "why?" Why are so many people losing faith in life at a time when more of us are doing better than ever before?

And these numbers are rising even higher now, in the wake of the current, worldwide coronavirus lockdown, and beyond. So what, apart from social distancing, can we do?

"Following in the footsteps of the last decades' successful international initiatives regarding cancer and HIV/AIDS, our main theme is happiness and the enjoyment of life in all of its aspects, and especially the promotion of an up to date discussion about the worldwide phenomenon of increasing suicide - not just on the margins but at the center of society, where it belongs," says Harald Walter Azmann, founder of A Chance for Happiness and himself the "orphaned father" of a beautiful 18-year-old daughter.

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Now, our next big step in this global initiative is introducing with a brilliant online presentation of carefully selected contemporary artists - surrounded by humanity's common heritage of timeless works of art - for personal enjoyment as well as sales to an international audience.

We would be delighted if you feel inspired to participate in this remarkable project in any way you see fit. It's about the very essence of life and all of our experiences with it. Nothing more, nothing less. And you are invited to simply get in touch at office[at]

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